Boy Scouts Troop 229 -- First Baptist Church of Elizabethton, TN

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jan-Feb 2008 Stuff

We will meet at 9 am on Sat, Feb 2, for a workday at the "Scout Hut" and to work on firebuilding skills as well as to go over the Klondike Sled. We'll probably work about 3 hours.

Merit Badge University went well. It was a cold day, and since the DP Culp center was being remodeled, we met in Brooks Gym. It was a bit chaotic, but everyone found where they needed to go.

We still have apple butter to sell! $5 a pint or $4.50 for two pints or more.

Feb 8-10 is the council-wide Klondike Derby. The location is the Roan Mtn State Park. This will involve camping 2 nights, a sled-race competition, and other races like tying knots, building the fastest fire, etc. Should be a lot of fun!

We will probably start meeting again on Mondays rather than Tuesdays, to be announced.

This summer, a Survivorman Day is in the works. Scouts will be given minimal supplies and use their own ideas for shelter and prepare food. This will be done closely supervised, but to allow the boys to think creatively and enhance survival skills, and have fun, too!

Coming up, probably the first or second week in February, will be Scout Week. It is the Scouting anniversary. We will give a Wednesday night presentation at the church, thanking the church for their support and helping to send scouts to camp.

Camp will be coming before we know it. (June) It's a good opportunity to get some requirements checked off for rank advancements as well as earning merit badges. And it's a lot of fun, too.

A committee member has stated that when a scout works hard to get his First Class rank, he will take those scouts camping at the Gatlinburg/Cades Cove area as a reward. That's another incentive to work hard in getting the ranks complete!

Reminder: if you have anything to share for this web site, or comments/suggestions, please see Eric or Amy.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Some pictures from camp, etc, have been posted online.

Note: The slide show takes a while to load if you have a slow connection. Once the first image is loaded, it will show it repeatedly until the next one is loaded, and so on. You could set it to load, then go do something else (like laundry, or sweep the walk) while it loads.

Click here for the Slide Show, Camp Davy Crockett 2007, from Photo Bucket

Small "thumbnail" pictures are on the following site. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the picture. These are the same images as the slide show, but the slide show only allows ten images.

Click here for the Photo Bucket URL

October stuff

Is it October already? September was a busy month, with the Dragon Boat race campout and the Akela Cub campout. In October, we have a campout at the Twins field, and a Halloween party, in which we'll be hosting the cornhole game and giving out popcorn. The apple butter project will take place November 3.

October 8th
Scout meeting at 6:30 to 8:00. Please bring fees for the campout for October 19-21 of $12.00 per person.
October 18th Load up trailer for campout at 6:30

October 19th We will leave the church at 6:15 for our weekend campout. I will need permission slips signed for the boys on this trip. I will hand them out on October 8th.
October 19-21st Campout at Elizabethton Twins ballfield
Plans for the Campout on 19-21 will consist of opportunities for advancement for all boys. These will be hiking, first aid, lashing, cooking, etc. There will be stations set up on Saturday afternoon for all boys for advancement. This will be a busy weekend of things to do.
October 27th-- Court of Honor at FBC, 6 pm.
October 31st- Halloween Party at FBC. The scouts will be at the church to do the corn-hole game and hand out candy and pop popcorn and hand out the kids in the community. This will be after the downtown Trick or Treat downtown. This will begin at 5:00 on Halloween and be over at 7 or 8:00. More details will follow for this. We will divide the boys up to do the game and hand out popcorn during the 2 hours we are there.

Our troop will be rechartered on November 15. If you haven't been coming to the meetings, but want to become active in the troop again, see the scoutmaster as soon as possible. Annual troop dues are $50, which pays for patches, materials, and miscellaneous things the troop needs.

Keep working on your rank advancements and merit badges. If you need help, just ask!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Late Summer 2007 Stuff

As Summer is winding down, the campouts are starting back up.

Sept 14-16 we have an unusual opportunity to camp in the cabins at Winged Deer Park. There is a Dragon Boat race taking place, and it gives us a chance to get some community service hours in. We will be picking up the recyclable trash on Saturday, and possibly offering coffee or hot chocolate for donations. Camp fees are $12 for the food for the weekend, due 8/27/07.

Sept 28-30 Akela Cub Campout will be held at the Appalachian Fairgrounds this year. The Boy Scout Troops are allowed to camp Fri and Sat nights, while the Cubs will camp on Sat night only. The camp fees (amount TBA) for food are due 9/13/07.

Oct 19-21 Fall Camporee will be held at Camp Davy Crockett. (Note: this was changed to the Twins field)

Rank Advancements Most of the newer boys are about finished with their tenderfoot requirements. Keep workin' at it! If you're finished (or almost finished) with Tenderfoot requirements, start working on the Second Class & First Class, because you can work on all three of these ranks simultaneously. Here are worksheets you may print and be filling out:
Second Class:
First Class:
Note that there are swimming requirements in Second and First Class advancements; while these can be done in the winter at an indoor pool, it's much more convenient to do it before the summer is over. Some of these may have been completed at camp. See the Scoutmaster if you have any questions.

Since things are getting busy, with fall sports, school, and we have quite a few scout activities coming up, we will probably step back our meetings to every other week, instead of every week. Also, when we have a campout, instead of meeting Monday for a regular meeting, then again on Thursday to pack the trailer, we will probably meet on Thursday for a short meeting, then pack the trailer. This will allow everyone to have less on their hectic schedules.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tenderfoot requirements

The new guys need to be working on their Tenderfoot requirements. If you haven't started on it yet, make sure you do the physical requirements (10a), in your book on page 57, and fill it in. It takes 30 days to get this requirement done, so get started on it soon!

There is a worksheet that you can print out, if you don't already have it, at

Be working on these things, and fill it out. Most of the answers are in the book! Practice your square knot (p 8), two half-hitches and taut-line hitch (p 36-37). At upcoming meetings, show what you've learned. A lot of the Tenderfoot requirements will be done at campouts.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Scout camp 2006

We survived Scout Camp! Pictures can be seen at

Snapfish web site

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Summer camp info, Scout Sunday 2006

Summer camp is coming up! Here is a link that has PDF files about camp:
Here is a link to another Camp Davy Crockett website, but some of the site is not current: (If you click on Events, it gives a link for the work weekends, etc, even though it's for last year, there are some pictures that will give an idea of what's being done.)

SCOUT SUNDAY was February 5th 2006
It was a snowy morning, which kept some folks from getting out.
Pictured on far right is Eagle Scout / Scoutmaster Hale, who became an Eagle Scout in 1935. Now 92 years old, "once an Eagle, always an Eagle". We appreciate Mr. Hale's participation in Scout Sunday.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Directions to Council Office, Scout Shop hours


SATURDAY—10am to 3pm.

Merchandise- the store will carry 95% of the items found in the BSA catalog.

To find the scout shop/council office: From I-26 (formerly I-181) take the Boones Creek Exit. (At the Cracker Barrel**) Turn right (if you're coming from Johnson City) toward Bob Evans restaurant**, and get in the left lane. Go past Bob Evans**, past a furniture store, and just past a new bank (Tri-Cities Community Bank) you'll see a green road sign marked "Boone Ridge Rd" and turn left there. Go up that hill, passing some businesses on the left, until the end of that road, and turn left. You will see the Council Office with flags flying on the top of the hill. Their phone number: [423] 952-6961

** Notice how we tend to use food/restaurants as our landmarks!